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All-In-One email, digital course builder and website platform

This is basically how I run my WHOLE business. I don't like faff and I'm not mega techy so I run my email marketing, create my digital courses and built and manage by website ALL on here and its SO simple.

Have a play about and try for free for 30 days with this exclusive link PLUS free training to show you exactly how to use it!

Podcasting Platform

This is the platform that I upload all my podcast episodes too and it automatically streams across all major platforms at the same time.

You can also check all your insights of how you podcast is doing too.
SO simple and really affordable.

This link gets you a $20 Amazon card when you sign up which helps get you started with your equipment.

Peloton Bike

This is a game changer for home workouts. I like to do 20 minutes on the bike (because I have a really short attention span) and then I hop off and
do one of the 20 minute strength classes. So good and SO sweaty!

Use this code to get £100 off accessories ( which is basically your bike shoes and weights) and make sure you add me so we can follow me on the app so we can track each other.

Rode NT Mic

This is the mic I use. It's perfect for podcasting.

Ring Light

I use this for all my filming and social media.

Podcast Soundproof Screen

This keeps your sound quality crisp and eliminates echo.